Tuesday, 11 January 2011

OPI Going Ape-Ricot and OPI And This Little Piggy and a confession

Multiple layers of these very sheer glass-fleck polishes. I wasn't counting. Just ladle on with a trowel.

Now, to my shame I bought 4 OPI despite having vowed not to (due to their takeover by L'Oreal the animal-experimenters). These were 4 for £12 on some obscure site I can't remember and I yielded to temptation. So I am going to have to re-commit myself to not buying OPI and actually having and sticking to some decent principles. Great polishes. Not going to recommend them. Obviously.

Confession, so 'tis said, is good for the soul. I shall see. Get back on the old 'No cruelty to animals' horse and have another try.



  1. Well it looks gorgeous, maybe it was made pre-L'Oreal days when it was still cruelty-free.
    What a shame, I love the few OPI polishes I have. xxx

  2. Glass flecked polishes are very pretty :)
    It's a shame about the L'oreal take over of opi.