Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Nars Bohemia

Work was work. We were all knackered though. As I expect YOU were too. Burst pipe problems with the building so there'll be a lot of bother sorting it out. Sodden carpets and flooded floors. In addition to the leaky ceilings we had before Christmas.

2 or 3 coats. Just doesn't suit me. Nothing wrong with it at all but it just isn't me. The shot is sh!t also. It's actually a more pinky/bronze duochrome. Very like Misa Foxy & Folksy in fact. It's obviously a quality polish.

Genesis of this polish: the OH was wandering through Harvey Nicks and spotted Nars (has never heard of it, natch) and thought it must be good (it being Harvey Nicks and all that) and bought me this. Very sweet. Mind you, now my polish hoard has topped the (insert number of choice) hundred mark I am getting fearfully fussy.

Going to do a giveaway. It'll be UK/Europe only though as P&P elsewhere is prohibitive. Got to think up some quiz-type questions though. Or a grid you have to complete or something...



  1. I must say your man is an absolute treasure to buy you that Nars nail varnish. Are you sure it doesn't suit you, the last gold you wore was fabulous. xxx

  2. I think it's a pretty colour and it was really sweet of your OH to buy it for you :)

  3. even tho i only know you by your finger nails, i too agree that this color is just not you. i do like a thick varnish. the purple jells in the next post is more you. they look purplishish!