Thursday, 27 January 2011

The colour purple - Lancome Brillant Bluebird

My latest lipstick!
I have loved purple since 1971 when it was THE fashion colour.

1971 magazine spread. Purple. And see those shoes? Ankle straps, block heels and platforms. Love.

OK, I have the tights and some shoes. Purple.

All I need is the lippie. The lippie at the top. It's Lancome. It's purple. It must be gorgeous. Lancome? Je l'adore depuis plusieurs d'annees! And did I mention the purple thing?

 Well.....In the tube it was a riot of colour and texture. And after using up half a tube on my lips (on and on I pressed and slathered) it ended up like............this. Thank the Lord it was an internet bargain and not full price. I could have spat!

If I'd wanted a lipgloss I'd have bought a ruddy lipgloss. What a cheek.

Good news though!
TJ Hughes have a bunch of Urban Decay stuff at £2.99 each. Today was also 20% off and I got a bostin' lipstick and eyeliner.

PS You have any bargain tips?


  1. I've got that Lancome lippie in a couple of shades and thank god they were pressies because they really are a feeble excuse for lipstick. That colour does look rather nice, tho'.
    I adore purple, as well you know. I shall brave the chavs in Walsall's TJ Hughes tomorrow and investigate further. xxx

  2. Wow the lipstick looks gorgeous in the tube! I was surprised when I scrolled down, I was expecting it to be really purple.
    Love the purple tights! :) xxxx

  3. Wow, that lipstick is a let down. Sweet color but not at all what the first pic led me to expect.

  4. I'm glad I have your support. NOT a happy bunny.

  5. blimey, I wouldn't have known it was the same lipstick. I wish there was a TJ Hughes near me, my nearest is an hour away :-(

  6. Oh that is a bit of a let down, but it does look pretty - just not what was expected!

  7. That lipstick trolled everyone. Lipstick = opacity. Lipgloss = sheer. Can brands resist the temptation to pass one off as the other?

    Will check out TJ Hughes on Saturday.

  8. Oh my god how annoying! When I first saw that tube i actually gasped, it looks just about the most perfect purple lipstick. How incredibly disappointing! Nice purple tights and I love old magazine ads :)

  9. I know! A lipstick is opaque and a gloss is sheer! Not hard, Lancome. Not rocket science. COSMETIC science yes....

  10. The tube color is amazing! Sorry it didn't have the payoff you were wanting, though I do still really like the glossy light purple color. And those tights.... EEEEEEEK! LOVE!