Friday, 7 January 2011

Nails Inc Battersea Power Station

I kid you not. This is the sort of fugly I adore and I've wanted it for awhile. Such a popular polish (ahem) that it is now on their website with 2 others for £8. The other two I'll flog.

The hideousness on my 4th finger is basecoat. I do rather slop it all over and it doesn't usually show up. Sorry.
2 coats. I  repeat. I love it.

Behold the much-loved Power Station. I believe it's rather ramshackle up close and hasn't undergone gentrification. I think it's rather fine although it doesn't take much imagination to visualise the four towers as the peg-legs of two elderly Napoleonic sailors.

I feel I should check out the names of all the Nails Inc polishes I own. I suspect that some of the place names belong to highly insalubrious areas of the capital. One day when at a loose end I shall pursue my plan to research them.

Meanwhile I plan a quiet evening with beer. And a couple of choc ices. You?

Oh, and investigate my giveaway (see right) if you fancy a box of 6 Jessica polishes/tints/jellies.



  1. As I nail polish I have to admit that I think this is a pretty yucky shade but I think it would make a gorgeous colour for a handbag, is that odd?

  2. I like the look of fugly polishes on the nail, but in the bottle they look icky.
    Mmm choc ices. A friend gave me a film to watch and bought me some russian vodka, so my evening is set! :) Even better, my OH is hovering and cooking dinner, quite a good day for me I think! :)

  3. It is a leather colour, I agree.

    Gemx: Getting chores done! Doesn't get much better.

  4. this is totally an awesome color, I want a pair of pants this color, actually...I may have a pair of pants this color already! I love the Nails inc polish you sent me, they apply so well and yes, 2 coats for mine too and it is just perfect!

  5. Gross! In a cool way, though.

    What colours were the other two? £8 for three Nails Inc polishes is pretty darn good.

  6. Lena, they are still available. There's a dark blue/black and a coral.

  7. maybe because i was changing diapers at work all day.. but this color is hitting me pretty hard right now LOL