Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Silver rings - 3

I do love rings. Mind you, I read one of these ludicrous psychology results ages ago that stated there's a strong correlation between a woman wearing a lot of rings and mental fragility! Although come to think of it....there may be something in that! I do look at women's hands and wonder about their stability. But these psychologists - what are they like!

The heart is rose quartz. The black is onyx. These are both Fair Trade silver rings from Traidcraft. You can get much cheaper rings but I am glad there are Peruvians who are a bit less poorer. After all, I'm a helluva lot richer than they are. Spread it around. These two are adjustable which I usually associate with cheapo rings made of base metals but these are very good quality. The onyx is faceted but the pic doesn't show that well.

The mother-of-pearl was an ebay buy.

My wedding ring is yellow gold, white gold and 5 diamonds. Had to find one that we both liked. Not so easy as I favour the flamboyant and the OH is much more (decidedly small c) conservative. I am definitely a silver rather than a gold. Too much of the Del-boy/Katie Price about gold jewellery in my head. *shudders*

I wear these day after day. Don't remove them ever. I keep one earring in permanently and take the others out at bedtime. I also wear a silver chain. Pearl at the moment. Plus my watch. I had a gorgeous 'silver' cuff but it irritated my skin. I'm looking for a real silver cuff a bit like the quartz ring with a hammered finish but I'm outta dosh at present.

Then there's piercings but that may be TMI!!!!!

Silver or gold?
How many earrings?
Any allergies?



  1. Gorgeous, especially the middle ring.
    Definately silver.
    Just one hole in each ear (and didn't get them pierced until I was 25).
    Allergies? None. I can wear any old crap. xxx

  2. You have got to love some psychology research! :)
    I love the rings, esp the onyx one, it's lovely.
    I prefer silver jewellery or rose gold, yellow gold makes my hands look sickly :S
    I have quite few ear piercings, but I only change my lobe ones and the rest remain, mostly because I can't get them out! I have an industrial bar piercing which I love and I have a number of bars for it, but they are really uncomfortable to sleep on! xxx

  3. Awesome! You did the rings :P I love rings.

    I've had my ears pierced as long as I can remember. I favour gold jewellery, looks more expensive :P

  4. Gem: I love rose gold too. Gold is expensive little psychologist, you!

    Vix: Wish I could wear base metals...

    Lena: I did the rings. BUT I'm gonna do giraffe tights and perfumes.

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  6. Harry's dead! I've just realised you meant Silent Witness so I've deleted my last post. Can you believe it? Gripping TV!

  7. Nice! I especially like the detail on the onyx one.

    I'm silver (though my wedding ring is gold, to match Mr. K's in color if not in style). One earring in each ear, in holes I made myself with a sewing needle when I was about 11 years old. Every now and then I'll get a pair of earrings that causes a reaction but not often enough to figure out what I'm sensitive to as far as metals.

  8. NOT the sewing needle method, Karen! EEEEEEEK.

  9. Lmao, the sewing needle method is how everyone gets their ears done in Nigeria :P And the holes never close up! Win win.

  10. awesome rings, I love the middle one it's so chunky =)

    Hannah xx

  11. I love unique sterling silver of kind things. I have an amber ring I bought at a museum...small piece of amber since I couldn't afford ayhing bigger silver, my all time fav ring.

    Silver or gold? silver
    How many earrings? 3 in each ear
    Any allergies nope

  12. No rings since my silver ankh one broke and I'm not married. Regular ear piercings, mostly sparkly studs unless it's date night. Watch (plastic digital) never comes off. Costume jewelery to match outfits as required. I'm a silver gal too.