Saturday, 15 January 2011

Jessica Skin Deep

Less than a fiver. I have seen this on no other blog. That is criminal. You may say it's boring (Vix certainly will) but it's breathtakingly beautiful. To me.

There is the best and finest gold shimmer in this that I have ever seen. 3 coats.

This beats my previous favourite nude (Eyeko) into a cocked hat.

Pretty bottle contents. Cast your peepers over this!

I know it does me no favours i.e. doesn't suit me.  I care naught for that. 

More cutesie-cutesie.

Apparently they are at least as afraid of the sheep as vice versa. This may change...



  1. Hmm - does nowt for me I'm afraid. The shimmer is pretty though!

  2. Loool at the tiger and lion amongst the sheep :P

  3. You know me so well, nothing if not predictable.
    I love those kitty cats and am worrying about the future of Ben Ali's pet tiger now he's fled Tunisia. xxx

  4. I really like this nude! Where are these polishes sold? I have yet to run across this brand.

  5. Hi, PC. Jessica is mostly a salon/spa brand. I have had a mani done on a spa day. Otherwise google the websites or ebay. It IS a quality brand. I trawl so many websites. SalonSkincare, BeverlyBeaute. Lots of places. But not in shops.