Monday, 10 January 2011

Illamasqua Hectic - another grunge-tastic green

3 coats. So smooth. So yumptious-scrumptious. So cheap!

Well, the 'cheap' bit was a downright lie. Even with 25% off it wasn't cheap. But it is ruddy good.

For cheap (and similar but clearly not a dupe) you can still get the Cutex on ebay. It's called Sweet Pea. If I did comparison swatches then you'd see exactly what I mean - but I don't. So .... tumty-tum.

It's a 10/10 for Hectic.

Tonight I am recommending keeping out of the rain and 'The Terror' by Dan Simmons. That book has kept me on tenterhooks for the last few days!



  1. I love this green! I don't wear enough greens, I think I only have one. The Illamasqua sale is still on and I'm trying to resist it. :)

  2. Great greens! I think Cutex was the first nail polish I ever used, though it was definitely not green.

  3. I actually really like this green. It's slightly fresher than some of the other "yucky" colours around at the moment, almost like a middle ground. Me likes.

  4. I adore this green. I'll be down Walsall market hunting down that Cutex on friday, love it. xxx

  5. Love that green! Wish I could get my hands on that Cutex too.