Friday, 21 January 2011

Zoya Zaufda

Zoya is buckets of money in the UK. BIG buckets. Biggest buckets you ever did see.

That's why I don't have any. Until I got 3 for about £7.50 on ebay including P&P.
Zaufda  is the one I expected to like least. Orange. Just shows the power of expectation and anticipation. Aim LOW. Contrary to what the government and these 'life-coaches' would have you believe. Slightly tongue-in-cheek? Not even sure myself.

2 coats. You have to keep your eyes peeled on ebay. Persistence pays. This is a great colour. Duochrome-ish too. Seems to darken in some lights. Great brand but I'm not paying £10 so I don't expect my little trio to expand within the near future.

Anyone else up for the giveaway? There was a brief flurry and then nothing. That's fine by me. I'm not touting for readers. Just reminding any regulars out there. See RH menu.



  1. Urgh I know right. Zoya is expensive over here.

    I like their polish names, though.

  2. That is a great colour. I really need to start looking for nail varnish on eBay.
    Well done on your charity shop scores. Let me know if you're visiting Walsall, I'll give you a tour. xxx

  3. Lena, it's a 'mare.
    Vix, I'm going to target Henley-in-Arden next week as it's a bit posh and see what they have! Then it'll be Walsall! Thank you!

  4. Lovely...glad you able to get some zoya's :)

  5. Cute - this colour looks great on you.