Wednesday, 1 June 2011

2true 28

Juicy jelly finish. 2/3 coats. My first little 2true pot as opposed to slimline cylinder. Yet another great polish. Subtle glass fleck/microglitter what-have-you.

I have raved about this brand so much that eyebrows have been raised and suspicions aroused (glad it wasn't aroused eyebrows) that I am showing (perhaps) unwarranted enthusiasm for 2true. I'd like to say that I am not now nor have ever been a FIFA executive and am consequently uncorrupted.

Not that I haven't tweeted the odd hint to 2true and beautyuk and GOSH that they might just like to send me some stuff. But, not entirely unsurprisingly, no packages have winged their way to me.

I actually like buying my own stuff. Independent type, me.

How much of what you feature do you buy with your own hard-earned?



  1. Stupid blogger de m*rde. You know I typed this very enthusiastic comment, forgetting I was on internet explorer instead of firefox, it led to the log in page and then I lost it all. Now my comment is going be nowhere near as 'good' and long. gah.
    Absolutely loving this shade, which really surprises me as I am not a coral/peach person by any means. I think this has just the perfect amount of peach in it to warm it up.

    Do you know 2true have got their own account on twitter? Remind me to find their account username once I am at home. They would be over the moon to know they have such a die hard and genuine fan. I can't believe people may have thought that you could have got your 2true polishes given to you for review. Products you purchase yourself is so much easier to review.

    Hey, looks like we're 1 reader away from 250 google friend connect readers
    woooohooo! xx


    p.s aroused eyebrows = lololol

  2. Very pretty colour! I have some of the taller thinner 2true polishes and love them. The vast majority of things I feature are bought by me, in my whole blog I possibly have 10 reviews of things that were sent to me.

  3. You've bought so much 2True that they should be sending you free stuff, I don't even get why they don't. #indignantonyourbehalf

    Er, maybe three free things in a year of blogging? I buy my own stuff.

  4. I love 2True nail polishes! Even the really sheer ones I have make fab interesting topcoats, and they are so cheap, cruelty-free and British, what's not to love? Their Twitter username is @2True_believe :) They should appreciate you more, I'm sure they really cash in on your unbribed enthusiasm haha! I've still yet to try the Fast-dry ones but now at least I can check on all your photos before I buy one :P Love this colour. All of my nail polish is from my hard earned cash haha although I'll be the first to admit I'd love some freebies - who wouldn't?! :P xxx

  5. I have this shade but I can't get it opaque on me. Looks great on you. I am going to layer it over coral or orange I think. Maybe over black for Halloween.

    I have spent literally thousands of pounds on my nail varnish and make-up obsession. Yes, I get sent samples these days but its nowhere near as much as people might think. I own approximately 200 OPIs alone, all bought at full RRP. Then add the Nars, the Illamasqua, the Barry M and all the other brands I collect. You do the maths, as I don't want to!

  6. Thanks for all your great comments today. Helen, there's no WAY I'm doing the maths for either of us. Too damned scary.

  7. That looks lush! I say I don't advertise on my blog but if Barry M were to ask me I'd definitely say yes. If it's something you already use and love I'm all for advertising. xxx

  8. Another gorgeous colour. Looks very elegant

  9. Nice jelly-fleck! Aside from the gifted frankens and one gifted polish from another blogger, I've bought or swapped for everything I have. It truly is liberating because I don't feel pressured to wear any particular polish.

  10. I'm late to this one (been one of those weeks, work wise). I buy all of mine too (have only ever received one set of samples) but try to avoid RRP, especially Nails Inc which I've never paid RRP for.