Thursday, 30 June 2011

Dupe-time again....

 2true no. 46. 2 coats. I like it. It's better than Barry M Dusky Mauve (better as in "got more going for it complexity-wise").

And guess who didn't do a very thorough job of removing Bourjois Orange Creation? No prizes.

YET AGAIN the Bourjois So Laque chipped on me. That's 2 out of 3 of the latest range. Consider me displeased.

With dupes though - don't you have to issue them within a couple of months of the original? Is there any point otherwise? What d'you think? Is it not just a bit lame doing it half a year later?

Oo, and ta muchly for all the help with my bottle-problems.



  1. I really need to examine another 2true stand, I never find any nice polishes on it. I certainly didn't see this one, it's lovely!
    I don't mind the dupes being released later, I never did pick up a colour like this, it helps remind me to finally pick it up! Although I do get annoyed with the releasing of half a range, like Models Own with the crackle polishes, release the lot already! :P xx

  2. I never really understood the hype about paradox or whatever it was called, but now I think I see it, this looks really pretty! I've got no problem with dupes being released later but I agree with Gemx, models Own are really annoying me by releasing those crackles one by one!

  3. bit lame doing it half a year later = no it isn't. when i was scooting the country to find barry m dupe of this chanel colour, the superdrug and boots assistants hadnt a clue about why that polish in particular was so sought after. this polish will still appeal to people. we need to remember we are the 'educated' ones and not everybody has as much knowledge of nail polish as us. i like this colour very much but i have the barry m now so i dont need this one xx so yeah for me it was pointless lol. haha after all that bumpf i was writing hehe xx

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