Friday, 3 June 2011

My Lena-style rant...

Lena is so good at this. I'll give it my best shot but I don't think I have the vitriol a teenager naturally possesses. My vitriol gave out a while ago. Sad but true.

Promo pix
  • That's what gets my goat. Promo pix. How many times the last 2 days have I seen the new China Glaze crackle metals on my dashboard? Too damned many.
  • Is it just me or do other people find these pix bore them rigid?
  • I'd love to see some swatches. Show me some swatches. Actually I lie. China Glaze bring out some more crackles? I could get more excited about a re-run of the Royal Wedding with subtitles in Dutch. I might learn something.
  • In general though I do like to see swatches of new collections. Because polish when applied to the nail looks different in different contexts - light, skin colour, number of coats etc etc. So swatches are worth a thorough examination.
  • But a teeny picture of a bottle of nail polish just doesn't do it for me. And 6 teeny pictures is 6 times WORSE! Maybe this means I'm not as much of a nail fan as I thought....
Go on then. Play devil's advocate and argue in favour of promo pix. IF YOU CAN! Ha! You can't, can you. Ha!


This is how a professional teenager rants.


  1. I agree wholeheartedly. Promo posts are about the only thing I skip through when reading through the dashboard, especially if it's a continental or stateside brand that you can't get here without selling your teeth to be able to afford it. I even get a bit bored of the swatches after the 11tybillionth time. If I see Steady as She Rose or Skull and Glossbones one more time I might just go insane.

  2. AGREE!!!! And since there are so many new collections released all the time, it's like every week, another blog inbox full of promo pics >_<;

  3. Lol I didn't post up the press release but I am going to get swatches up in the next couple of days...

  4. Lmao, what can I say? All that vitriol stems from the firm belief that everything revolves around myself and stuff that I want, therefore when it doesn't go to plan the world is ending Charlie Sheen style etc. Yours is a good effort though, considering you are infinitely less self obsessed.

    If I see the same press release more than three times, copied and pasted straight from the email with little to no input from the actual blogger, then I get annoyed. But people won't stop posting them because they're a gap filler - little to no effort to post, and you get hits...sigh.

    But if swatches are involved, I'm happy.

  5. I hate seeing press releases. The day they're released my entire Google Reader is press releases. I don't wanna look at pictures of bottles that don't actually look like the actually bottles! I wanna see swatches! Or pictures of actually bottles, not Photoshopped ones!

  6. I will look at promo pictures once per collection, then skip them every other time I see them.

    The good side? Um, not everyone reads every nail blog so the more people who post the press photos the more people know about the new collections. That's the best I can come up.

  7. Lol! Nope, can't argue with you. I do wish the promo posts came with actual swatches.