Friday, 24 June 2011

Don't mock the teapot!

Looks familiar???

Original BTC are a fabulous company. I'm guessing these are the lights featured on The Apprentice this week (Episode 8). Oddly I've been looking for kitchen lighting for a while and this is the company I am ultimately going to purchase from as I love their stuff. That was before being adopted by Team Tom but I haven't let that put me off despite roundly detesting that Melody creature. Ugh. I found it first, LordSirAlan. So put that in your Tottenham Hotspur and smoke it!

Is this not simple and beautiful?

They make all their stuff in England. Yes, actual England. Of course they may employ Poles to do the actual manufacturing as yer average Brit won't demean him/herself to do manual labour any more. Despite turning out thousands of kids annually who can't read or write (I blame the parents but, being a teacher, I would...) we have become a nation that believes the road to riches lies in A becoming a footballer or B marrying one. Anybody who does a steady job is like totally lame and a loser. Call me Vicky Pollard, why dontcha.

In conclusion Original BTC is utterly fabulous and those philistines on The Apprentice who did not appreciate their glorious style should be shot fired at the first opportunity. The French loved the product  and La Redoute would have bought squillions if Tomtasha hadn't been so w@nkily useless.


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  1. I quite liked the teapot lamp but it was obvious that kids backpack would sell more. I LOATHE Melody and I'm in love with Tom. I felt so bad for him, he's so gentlemanly and meek.