Thursday, 23 June 2011

It must be love da da..It must be love da da..(Thanks, Madness)

Bourjois Bleu Model

(BUT before we proceed a big THANK YOU for all the great and amusing comments I've been getting these past few days! Really bucked me up no end!)

If this is blue then I'm Pippa Middleton's body double. Cuticles still dire. Sorry.

It's green. C'est vert. End of.
Whatever you'd call it I do know one thing. It's 3 coats of creamy gorgeousness! Cannot stress sufficiently how good the formula is.Bourjois really does quality nail-polish.


  1. Lovely colour, but I have to agree with you it's Green not Blue (maybe i'm colour blind)

  2. Very pretty but I would call it an aqua :P

  3. Prettyful, I like :) 2nd vote for aqua...

  4. Yes, it's green- more so even than aqua I would say.

    I hate it when they do that- I find mail-order lilac shades the worst, one came to me buff colour!

  5. It is next door to blue; perhaps their color-naming person is allowed a wide margin for error.

  6. Lovely colour, whatever it is! I read someone comparing it to the Tiffany brand colour, but I think it is slightly more green xx

  7. Tooootally green, it makes me nuts when they get the names wrong - like all of the things named "purple" that are so totally and completely pink. Still, it's a cool color!