Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Mavala Pure Diamond - and unapologetic feet...

Toes. The OH thinks polish on toes is irredeemably chavvy and I don't care enough about it to argue the point. I'm not having naked nails so it has to be subtle.

Mavala does some great shades but the teeny bottles.... They don't half put me off. I like a big, butch bottle!

I'm one of the few people who likes feet. I thought of becoming a podiatrist but teaching is more lucrative so I shan't be donning a white coat just yet.

Those ARE FitFlops. Some colleagues recommended them. I find toe-posts irritating so I was a little concerned but they are actually really comfortable. 

Feet - for or against? 



  1. Your feet look lovely!

    I like this colour on toes. Looks like a really subtle glitter/holo? I think you've layered this over a finger mani before but I can't remember what the bottle looks like.

    OK, your task for today is to convince your other half that the only chavvy nail polish practice is french manicured toes. Badly done ones. Ewwww.

  2. My toe nails are too stained and ridgy to wear light colours like this, but it really does look lovely on your feet. I don't get why people are squeamish about feet, everyone has them, what's the big deal? I don't mind looking at feet, especially if they're pretty like this, but if anyone touches my feet they're likely to get one of them hard in the face.

    If your OH needs any convincing that painted toenails aren't chavvy I'll send you a picture of mine unpainted. That's enough to convince anyone that painted is better...


  3. Oh, btw, are you allowed flip lops at school? I wasn't when I was teaching so I used to keep a pair of pumps under my chair so whenever someone came in or I had to leave my classroom I could sneakily change... To be honest I don't think any one apart from the head gave a toss...

  4. I have no problems with feet, I'm not particularly in love with them but I don't understand the disgust either. I never wear polish on my toesnails because I very rarely have my feet out, even in open toed shoes I tend to wear tights and I hate flipflops because I can't stand having things between my toes. I really like the look of polished toenails though.

  5. I like feet, too! Yours are really pretty and I like those Fit Flops, I had no idea they came in such attractive styles. xxx

  6. Go and rock you feet girl!Great blog. I just started up my nail blog. Please comment with advice and ideas and follow.

  7. I am generally in favor of feet. Sure, there are some yucky ones out there, but that's true of any body part, pretty much.

  8. What makes feet chavy? There's no baseball cap or crispy hair!
    I'm not bothered by feet at all. I'll happier get people pedicures and not mind, but I know some people can barely touch their own feet never mind other peoples!
    I love your glittery toes! :) xx