Wednesday, 8 June 2011

2true Crystal Lip Gloss 3

I don't even like lipgloss but Superdrug had 3 2true items for £4.99 plus any lipgloss FREE so I had to have one....

It's quite funky for a lipgloss (which, did I mention, is a product I've no time for).
Sticky? Yes.
Sweet, sickly smell? Yes.
But I kinda like it.

When I say I like it I don't mean on ME but I like it conceptually. As it's sparkly.

What products do absolutely nothing for you but you know everyone else raves about them/it?



  1. My thing is nude lips. It can look great on other people but I can't stand it on myself, I feel weird without a bright lippie!
    I like the sparkles in that lipgloss though!

  2. I do like the sparkles! I'm not a big user of lipgloss, I can't get over the stickiness. Although I've recently found a use for it layered lightly over my more drying lipsticks, it helps make them feel more wearable.

    My product that does nothing for me is bright eyeshadow. I see some awesome eotd blog posts and feel very jealous, but it just doesn't look right on me :) xx

  3. Lipgloss also - I hate the stickiness and as I have long hair it's just a PITA