Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Men land on moon in 1969 - polish stuck in bottle 2011

Albert Bridge and Kensington topcoats.

Do you think I can get a good load of polish on a brush? Enough to coat even a single nail adequately in a single stroke? Can I hell!

And why is this? Why do I have to tilt these bottles with the mathematical precision of an Einstein to get the merest micromillitre of polish on the brush?

Why does it look as if I shall have to jettison these despite the fact that there's half to just under half left in each?

Please recommend a good topcoat that is usable for about 80% of its contents because this is a phenomenon that is right royally p!ssing me off! Is it a conspiracy by the manufacturers to make us buy more?

The usual colour polishes (I generalise) only rarely trouble our nails often enough to diminish to even 50% but topcoats one DOES rather expect to have some longevity.

GrumpyGit Jenni


  1. I find Seche Vite comes in a 'squat' bottle that lasts quite a while.

    I HATE this, why can't the brush be a little longer? Oh yeeaaah, we'd have to buy less top coat. They make less cash. Doh.

  2. That is such a bother. So far I haven't seen a single polish bottle that allows one to use up the whole product, though China Glaze is better than most (I haven't tried any of their base or top coats, though).
    If the brushes in these two bottles really do end quite a bit above the bottom, as it looks to me, you could try to clean off the stems and gently tug to see if they can be pulled out a little without losing stability.
    You could combine them and hope that the mixture still works (I don't know these top coats, so that might not be a viable option).
    Personally, I love my Seche Vite. In part because after my first bottle ran low I got the ginormous refill kit and a bottle of Seche Restore and now whenever I can't get enough top coat onto the brush I restore and refill. No more throwing away 1/3 of each bottle of TC. I wish more companies had refills.

  3. How about finding a longer brush from a bottle you don't use very much, cleaning it off and switching them? I agree it's very annoying, my basecoat is going the same way, but I'm not faithful and will probably buy something different next time...

  4. Oh God I hate this, so many polishes tend to suffer from it! I can't think of any that don't do it infact. But Barry M's isn't too bad.

  5. Thanks, peeps. All good ideas. Wasn't sure about Restore. Thought it might "dilute" the topcoat and render it ineffective...

  6. I bought one of those rubber bottle holders - the type with slots. I lean the bottle over through a slot and can get further into the polish that way.

  7. I thin my topcoat without a problem. Once it's 2/3 gone, it really needs it. I blame all that air in the bottle.

  8. I had the same problem with my basecoats, I added all three together and thankfully I have a whole new basecoat :P xx

  9. All my top coats are like this, so annoying! I finally found a top coat I liked and couldn't reach the last of it. I grabbed a half used top coat with a longer brush and dipped it in the shorter bottle, I felt quite triumphant finishing that top coat! :D xx