Monday, 27 June 2011

2true Glossywear No 9 - the end of the affair?

I thought I'd be very clever and get a linear holo with 1 coat of Mavala Pure Diamond over 2 coats of 2true Glossywear no 9. My bright ideas rarely pan out...

The nine 2true FastDry shades are excellent. This Glossywear in the chubby bottle is merely OK/average. You'd need at least 3 coats for a good finish and it did feel thin. Only £1.99 though so ....6/10. I still do love 2true though.

And I got the Paradoxal dupe which I've seen on other blogs and looks substantially better than the original from what I can divine. Will try it sometime.

Got 2 Mavala shades and an eyeshadow for £7.95. Have you seen Mavala foundation prices? VERY steep. Going to collect some more Mavala methinks...

Any Mavala recommendations?



  1. Mmmm holograms. Looove it. I haven't tried any of the chubby 2True shades but like the skinny ones. Never tried Mavala but I heard their eyelash serum is excellent :P

  2. I've found the same with the 2True Glossywear polishes, however they look AMAZING layered over other polishes! Love the holographic sparkles :P xx

  3. might get some 2true nail colours coz they sound so good but only 1.99