Sunday, 26 June 2011

Fashion punditry. Is it a job for the average woman?

Due to the roaring success (judged by comment numbers) of my p!ss-taking of that ghastly curtain-thing dress by Monsoon I thought I'd try my hand at a bit more fashion advice.

So I looked at my inbox and attempted to find some risible excuse for a fashion item (clearly it's far more fun to be a hatah than a lovah!) but failed.

Accessorize had emailed me (I like their nail polish) and I trawled through their site hoping for dodgy gear but I thought it all pretty attractive. How very disappointing! I like the playsuit above. And thought the following boots might go pretty well with it.

Now, I do have criticisms of these. The toe isn't as bulky and rounded as I'd like and the heel is a little insubstantial but they're OK. I prefer these floral ones (below) but I think the colour-blocking on the others is needed to counteract the florality of the playsuit.

So I was now getting a festival vibe. So I'll conclude with a hat. This isn't 'cream' enough but it was crucial not to have more flowers, I thought.
I've never been to a music festival in my life. Nor shall I ever as my tastes incline more to Mozart than ....than... a modern musical group beginning with M. But this is what I envisage festival-goers might wear. Possibly festival-goers also wear undergarments but I didn't bother with those because..what if they don't! And they very well may not.

Sorry to be so relentlessly positive. How very dreary. Don't we all love a bit of poking fun and a good old moan? Not this time.

Please give me a score for this ensemble.

4 maximum for the playsuit
3 for the boots
3 for the hat

Your marks out of 10, please.



  1. Very pretty wellies- 7/10, just for practicality I would have added layers, as between early dawn and late night the temp changes madly even on the calmest day!

  2. I think 4 for the playsuit because I like the print, but I would never wear a playsuit, I'd look ridiculous! 6 for the wellies, because they are far cooler than green wellies. 2 for the hat because it isn't offensive, but it does look like a something a old man would wear to the beach! :P

  3. Clearly my dear you have lived your life without ever having had to relieve yourself in a portaloo! So I think the playsuit, which has to be almost fully removed in order to pee is totally impractical, so it gets a score of 0. The hat and the gumboots as we call them here are totally cute, full marks.