Saturday, 25 June 2011

Is this really the new black?

OPI Jade is the new Black
Yes, I know everybody else bar the Archbishop of Canterbury has been all over this already but it's still new to me.

Got it for £6.95 which I think was a fair price.
  • 2 coats but it really needs 3, applied very easily and fluently
  • Really intriguing colour and changes a lot in different light conditions
  • After 48 hours I have significant tipwear - displeasing in the extreme
  • Absolutely love the colour
Now phrases predicated on 'is the new black' are just lazy. Taupe/beige/brown/jade/whatever. 

Black is, and will always remain, the default colour of choice for all-purpose use. Bold statement and, like any generalisation, doesn't account for specifics such as weddings or possible fashion change in the 22nd century but pretty fair nonetheless. As regards clothing.

For nails however black never was the OLD black - let alone the NEW black. For nails red or pink is the old black. This season yellow or orange are the new black (for which substitute red/pink). For winter green could easily be the new black.

So, what would you LIKE the new black to be?Not a fashion forecast but a whimsical wish.



  1. Linear holo should be the new black--I want to live in the retro-future. Have had a hard time talking myself out of holo Danskos (grey prism patent leather, they call them)--I've tried that style of Danskos & they don't agree with my feet, and nothing in my wardrobe really coordinates with holo footwear, but I want them nonetheless.

  2. I would like fat to be the new black. Then I would be bang on trend :)

  3. Lovely green :) I don't own many greens, they don't seem to suit me, but this jade green is really nice.
    I love black, I hardly wear any other coloured clothes. I like black nails too, but I would love super sparkly to be in, make up and nail wise...not so much for clothes, in summer sunshine it could cause problems! :P xx