Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Bourjois Orange Creation

2 coats over ridgefiller plus top-coat as it dries insufficiently glossy. Sadly I selected a topcoat that has seen better days - hence the bubbling and uneven finish. Not perceptible IRL.

Oh, BIG MOAN! Got a lot of chipping on the Bourjois Bleu Model. Hope this is better. And lots of tipwear on OPI JITNB. Not funny! Be warned. Please report back if you experience unwarranted chipping on the new Bourjois. I haven't had a polish wear so poorly in nearly 2 years.

This is an intense and slightly dirty orange. Not quite neon. I like it. These come out just as they look in the bottle. Consistent then.

Worst polishes for chipping?


  1. Nice colour! I hate when topcoats start bubbling, it's so frustrating.

  2. Any polish on me is bad for chipping. I've just come to accept it, as my hands are in hot water at least 3 times throughout the day it's inevitable. I am envious of people who say they can wear polish for 5 days + without chips, but then I love doing my nails so much now that I think I'd be bored by then. I take more time over making sure to wrap the topcoat over the edge of my nails now and that seems to help. Still bloody annoying when I haven't even taken pictures of a mani yet when it chips though.

  3. Barry M nail polishes chip like mad with me! And peel too. Really annoying. I think I need a decent base coat.

  4. I absolutely love the colour of your nails. I wonder if they've got a lipstick to match? x

  5. I find the Rimmel 60 seconds polishes are the worst for tipwear - I wore the red glitter one at 2 coats and by the end of the day only half of each nail looked like it had ever been graced by the polish! xx

  6. Love the colour, it's so bright and pretty! I fall out with bubbly top coat far too often, such a shame when it decides to misbehave.
    I had the opposite problem with the Bourjois So Laque I bought last week, I couldn't get it off! I used Rose Satin as a base and I had to pretty much soak it off, it took ages :s