Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Is this a joke?

I sign up to all sorts of websites in order to get discounts and codes and suchlike. This monstrosity of a dress is what Monsoon emailed me in a bid to encourage me to spend money on their stuff. I only use Monsoon for Accessorize nail polish but even if I were in the market for a dress I wouldn't pick THIS!

Is it just me or is this truly hideous?

I then consulted their site and found a whole host of gruesome outfits. Believe it I could not. Who buys their clothes? Yeuch.

Would you wear this dress?
A Are you crazy - it's to-die-for..
B Do you really need to ask? NO.
C It's OK. I'm a better stylist than Gok. There's nothing I can't work with. Actually I quite like it.
Oh, and what do you think of this?Also from Monsoon.



  1. If it didn't have that daft stripe running down it might be ok and that's a very mild might!

  2. It's definitely the stripe that ruins it - I love the pleating oh and I love the second one sorrreee

  3. I don't think I'm really allowed to comment on fashion... having said that, that dress is pretty hideous though. I like the models expression! :P

  4. Pretty sure that dress is made out of several pairs of me nan's old curtains.

  5. It looks like purple corregated iron wrapped around some old lady curtains..

  6. I'd wear it. Unapologetically. I'd definitely belt it, though.

  7. You've just made me laugh so loud that my goldfish is kinda freaking out.

  8. I actually like it but then I'm a tasteless, classless Aussie, so what do I know.

  9. I like it apart from the stripe, which is odd.

    The black tunic looks nice...

  10. I like the purple, but the stripe down the front looks like someone photoshop'd it on top of the image and it shouldn't be there!