Monday, 20 June 2011

Name that polish!

Don't cheat by looking them up. I'm guessing most of my readers don't have these yet because I haven't seen them much on the blogs I read daily. Looks like they may be fairly new in shops.

Now, my colour vision is rubbish. This I know and was proved by my pitiful score of 34 in the following test.
For example, I would casually call the first 2 nail colours above 'green'. The middle one for sure and the left one blueish-green. That's how inaccurate and imprecise I am.

Bourjois gave them boring names. How would YOU describe them? OR what do you think they are dupes of?

And these? Cool colours don't suit me. Why did I buy them? Duh.

Oh, these were (maybe still are) 3 for 2 at Superdrug.



  1. Hmm I scored 4 on that test, but I still don't know what these are called. Aren't they meant to be neons? I like the orange :)

  2. I've seen the whole set (6) on one blog. She didn't disclose but I think she got them for free as it was a while ago.

    But yeah, haven't seen these around much. I personally think Bourjois are a bit cheeky, asking £6.99 for one polish?

  3. Pretty colours! No idea what the names are so I will guess: Bahama Blue, Summer Chartreuse and Tangerine Twist :P They sound tropically.
    I scored 23 on that test. What is it out of though? Confusing!

  4. I love the colours. It's been a long time since I bought bourjois but Boots' very kindly sent a £2.50 gift voucher towards a Bourjois spend so I'll be treating myself soon. xxx

  5. I can't name them and I only ike the aqua/turquoise colour. I have the Ballet colour, which is a very pretty pale pink and I Love it but they put their prices up and I think for the size of the bottle it's a bit steep but the polish I have is a good formula and Revlon's are £6.95 each. I think all bottles of nail polish in the bigger sizes should cost no more than £5.00 each.

  6. I thought my colour vision was ok, but I scored 34 too! I had problems with the blue/greens.
    I think the first one is more of a blue, but veering green, or maybe I just think that because it reminds me of spearmint packaging! I'd say the middle is a yellow-green. I'd definitely say orange to the last one though! :P I really like all of them, I meant to look for them last time I was in town. xx

  7. I love the blue polish on the left in the bottom picture, what's this one called please?

  8. Vedra, it's snappily titled 18.