Sunday, 5 June 2011

Leighton Denny Diamond Ivory - almost same as yesterday but not...

The Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover I bought really does remove cuticles but it also dries skin quite a bit. Has to be expected, I suppose, on the omelette-broken-egg principle.

The yellow nail is where I tried to introduce a little opacity with some gold polish but it didn't work. Or I just lost interest. I love this LD nevertheless and, if you have nice skin and nails, it would make you look very polished and professional. Now that's not at all how I see myself 99% of the time but you have to buck the trend (even your own trend) occasionally.

It was so sheer that I GOSH Rainbowed it and mattified. But the polish is still swoon-worthy.



  1. Leighton Denny! SUCH good quality but the price makes me weep.

  2. Nice, I've just logged all my new LD's but I don't have this one. Looks like your TK had different stock!

  3. Soo lovely!

    Maybe you'd like to follow each other? :)


  4. That colour is so pretty :)


  5. i'm not really a big fan of leightons>.>

  6. Harpers Bazaar are giving away a free Leighton Denny polish with this months mag - there's a red, orange and beigey nude. Think the colours are a bit blah but I might treat myself to the red... Although the mag is almost a fiver which is more than I usually spend on one polish unless it's really special.

  7. Lovely, it's a nice twist on the more neutral/professional colour :)
    I use the Nfu Oh cuticle remover, it doesn't dry out my skin and seems to work for me. Although I've seen some people say it's rubbish x

  8. Flakies get me every time. Follower #255. :)

  9. In case you're nterested Harper's Bazaar is £4.20, the red 'Viva la Diva' is quite an orange-toned red, the nude/brown is 'Supermodel' (see ) and I have no info on the orange one other than Liloo's experience (the brush broke off I think?) I'm really excited to try the one I have (the red) it looks gorgeous.
    However I am overly tempted to get this one you are showing here as it looks beautiful, shame it's sheer! :( it looks lovely with Rainbow though. Totally hankering after Rainbow xxx