Thursday, 9 June 2011

Ya wanna see my boudoir?

My mini Vivienne Westwood Boudoir. How much do I love this? Way more than Vince Disneur loved Jim (Apprentice reference). So that's quite a lot. I have 4!

Really, I shouldn't have posed it against a backdrop of IKEA filing-cabinet. It deserves something far more exotic but hey ho.

Mandarin, tobacco flower, vanilla are just a few of the constituents.

I succumbed to Lemony Flutter. The sales staff in LUSH are so persuasive though. I spent £20 on random stuff that I didn't intend to.

Now, who is working on smello-vision? Because beauty blogging NEEDS it. Imagine that I could transmit the odeur of Boudoir and LF to you as you read this nonsense riveting stuff. How powerful a sales weapon would that be???? Coz these two babies are strong. The fragrance force is strong within them. They shall not be denied.

Can someone explain why smello-vision does not/CANNOT be perfected?



  1. Heh heh I love your Apprentice reference!
    As far as I know Smell-o-vision or odorama only got as far as interactive scratch and sniff cards.

  2. Hahaha you are fun! We don't need smell-o-vision as far as the Lush stuff's concerned, I've a sample pot upstairs and it's gorgeous. Don't know about the perfume but if Viv's put her name to it it's gotta be good. xxx

  3. There is a ride at Disney that sprays appropriate scents into the air based on what's going on on the huge screen--though only the nice smells, not the horse poop and sweat and such.

  4. I always wanted to try lemony flutter, but my local lush doesn't stock it.
    If smell-o-vision existed I'd be broke. Whatever I pick up and like the smell of in Lush goes straight in the basket, which is pretty much everything! I'd never be able to read a beauty blog again is smell-o-vision existed! :P

  5. As a Lush empolyee and a complete and utter varnish of my biggest tips has been lemony flutter...gets rid of any stainage when you havent quite put the right basecoat on, and for anyone who washes their hands a lot it helps strengthen the nails.
    lemony flutter partnered with nails inc caviar base and top coat...! dreamy nails as ever!!!xx