Saturday, 18 June 2011

Bourjois Jaune Trendy

(Cuticles are rubbish. Sorry. Having real trouble.)

2 coats and a lot of Mavala ridge-filler. Well, it's a yellow creme. But 2 coats! Honestly, this is brilliant.

And now for random thoughts on a French-theme (those who are easily offended - and French - should beware) calme-toi, ma chere liloo
  • All Bourjois stuff is fab and I like the packaging- those little pots they do are so cute
  • The French should not be allowed to use English words like /cool, trendy, super/ because it just sounds wrong
  • To call anything Jaune Trendy goes beyond wrong to preposterous
  • Bourjois are amazingly brave to have put out some great shades this summer - proper funky colours
  • The collection is called Paris (*stifles chortles* because .......see next point)
  • No Parisienne would ever wear any of these colours, Parisiennes wear dull colours - that is a FACT
  • Parisiennes have brown hair
  • Parisiennes are immaculately turned out in a way no British woman could ever achieve
  • Mid-price and budget French cosmetics ranges never include funky colours and the high-end companies make a bloomin' great fuss about it when THEY do a yellow or a green (ya know what I'm talkin' about?)
  • I could say a lot more about Anglo-French relations but I should perhaps quit before being dragged off to a guillotine somewhere
  • Why do Brits go on holiday to France but never to Germany?
  • What is so great about croissants?
  • Why is African French so much easier to understand than French French?
  • Have you ever been up the Eiffel Tower? I only got to the first stage and there's a long story (wholly tedious) about why I never made it to the top
  • My favourite Paris memory is a little crocodile of French children with their attendants trotting through Parc Monceau in the sunshine - cycling round Versailles was good too but does Versailles count as Paris? (not really)


  1. Hmm. How easy do you think African English is to understand? Should I put my Nigerian accent for you? You dey no understand why I go type like dis o!

    lmao. I do need to check these out, these are cute. Are they still on 3 for 2?

    The French aren't the worst for abusing English words, have a look at any East Asian country, lol. On 'Of Faces and Fingers' blog she has a picture of a Japanese advert for clear skin that says 'Virgin'. LOL.

    Latin languages have all the same roots anyway.

  2. What IS so great about croissants? Give me raspberry jam on a crumpet any day.

  3. Crumpets. Now you are TALKING!

  4. I'm loving the colour of this, i've never tried yellow before so may have to give this a try. Have you had it on long enough to review the lasting power of it? x

  5. Great colour! I'm annoyed that I forgot to look at these when I went to Boots yesterday. Plain croissants are nothing compared to buttery crumpets, but I do love almond croissants, the ones with marzipan in. I could eat plain marzipan for breakfast, but putting it in a croissant makes it slightly more socially acceptable :P

  6. Love the color, and since I've never had a crumpet, I'll take a lovely flaky croissant, thank you!