Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Ever heard of carbon footprint?

Saw 2 good (well, OK) bargains on OPI on asos. Free P&P so let's go. Ordered them same day. Minutes apart in 2 transactions. Because I didn't make my mind up about the 2nd one very quickly.

OK, I should/could have done this more effectively in 1 transaction. So they sent 2 boxes. BUT....

Does the effin' box in relation to the contents (1 measly polish and an invoice) make any sense? And a huge 'bubble' that would be better employed cushioning a piece of furniture.

So I had 2 polishes and 2 immense boxes. Going even further (how very dare I) than expecting them to match the size of box to size of item purchased I am now going to be so bold as to suggest they design some software that recognises that the same buyer has made 2 purchases in a day and combines the items in a single package. Not possible? Well, why not?

I hate waste and this is just wrong...



  1. seche does that too =( i keep my packaging for future use.. that's pretty much all that we can do

  2. Yes, I keep the packaging too but it still drives me mad because even though I sell nail polish even I never need a box that big! Grr.

  3. That happened to me as well. Heavens knows why I'd need that much room for four polishes...

  4. Nordstroms does the same thing, though I think their boxes might even be bigger. It's crazy.

  5. I feel a word with customer service coming on!