Sunday, 19 December 2010

Nox Twilight Disco Daring

Or is it Darling? Matters not.

2 coats. Or maybe 3. 3! It's not holo. It looks better in the bottle. Very fine glitter. I like it but I do have loads like this. Nice but no cigar.

Now the bag and the fab 5. From Look Fantastic. £25 isn't that bad. P&P was free. My older daughter is into Twilight so she gets the bag plus 3 or 4. I get to keep Sugar Plum. That's not leaving this house! They are Wine & Dine, SP, Talon, Crush and DD. Nothing particularly vampiric about the naming convention which I find disappointing. Talon is good. Wine & Dine is acceptable. But vampires and discos? That's one combination that simply and emphatically doesn't work.

This is Talon and Wine & Dine.  How sad I am to be so thrilled by a couple of bottles and the lettering thereon. I'm glad to be able to read the labelling though. I want to know where things are made. 17ml. Not bad, huh?

Does 60M mean the polish lasts 5 years? And why did someone wedge a snowball under the rabbit's chin?

And don't light a fire in a bin. Except it IS a cheap way of improvising a barbecue OR a great way to get warm if you are a tramp/hobo. As far as I know. So tramps who are grilling steaks really shouldn't use this polish.


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