Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Nox Twilight Wine & Dine

So I still had the Sugar Plum/Prism disaster on my nails but decided that Wine & Dine would be a sorta glittery topcoat that would even the whole mess out.

Wrong. Oh, and a big thanks to Deez Nailz for her comment on my last post. I am but a poor, humble follower and I will do a decent mani one day!

W & D turned out to be virtually opaque with 1 coat! But it was messy so I decided to go with that vibe and put some more Nox Sugar Plum over the top in a vaguely vampiric way. They do get awfully messy, those vampires. Such sloppy eaters.

And I don't dislike it. So here it is. Wine & Dine will be going to my daughter too as it's a foily thing similar to many I already possess. I really like it but I'm trying to be generous. So far I'm keeping Sugar Plum and have high hopes of Crush. Was looking for some Twilight-ish jewellery for her and I do have a silver Fair Trade bracelet I bought at a craft fair. What she really needs is cash rather than bits'n'pieces but I have to give her something a tad personal. So.....

Enough of my Christmas dilemmas.



  1. That does look nicely splattery.

  2. Very vampire-like, I like it! It would be great for Halloween :)

  3. Well, Halloween/Christmas. Both festivals!