Friday, 31 December 2010

Mac Cremesheen Hang-Up

I shouldn't really be posting this because who wants to see the dry lips of a 55-year old but...

I just fancied getting a Mac lippie. I don't have any Mac stuff except this. Cheapo off ebay. Natch! I like it. My hair is jet black at the moment so I've gone very Addams family. 'Cept my hair is short but I know what I mean. And I wear all black gear so that's conclusive proof.

This actually goes much darker but I splodged some on my lips and then used my lip-brush to distribute it over the entire area.

I'm no lippie-expert (obvious, huh?) but this
  • has a pleasant smell
  • reasonable longevity
  • neither too sticky/messy nor too drying
Emboldened by this purchase I have ordered an Illamasqua lippie in the sale. I do wear lipstick but I'm not an obsessive or connoisseur (hark at HER!)  the way I am about polish. I mean to say - not even I wear yellow or blue or silver lippie so there isn't the colour range from which to choose. Too restrictive to get the heart a-flutter.

However, in the spirit of research and not wishing to denigrate the interests of others - what is your fave lip-product?



  1. Your lips are not dry! I like your blue nails!

  2. You don't have dry lips.

    I don't get why everyone hates ebay, I've got some real bargains there. Nice colour.

  3. you could do a layer of silver lippage... why not? my fav lippy cream was coral orange until lily didn't squeal it down before putting the cap back on...happy new year!

  4. Don't be silly, your lips look fine! I like the lipstick colour, dark hair/lips is always a good combination :)

  5. I love the Addams Family, Morticia! I don't really wear tool much lip stuff but I am a huge fan of lip glosses, almost any color!

  6. Happy New Year to all and thanks for your comments.