Friday, 3 December 2010

BB Couture Poison Ivy + China Glaze Party Hearty

There is about 3 or 4 days of wear evident in this pic. Hence the particularly dodgy middle finger. Didn't put enough PH over the top either. And the nail growth.

Eek! But I've been busy with my cousin and her husband from Philly. Too busy to worry about nails.

Feeling more Christmassy today as it is now December and we had our Christmas fair at school. This can go either way and make me completely 'Bah humbug!' or cautiously festive. Today I'm leaning towards 'slightly seasonal'.


The Christmas poll

Are you
A a droopy Christmas fairy
B an industrious Christmas elf
C the Grinch's evil twin
D a shiny bauble on a magic tree?


  1. Very nice and Christmassy!

    I usually couldn't care less about Christmas, not even about presents, but now I want makeup this year so I'm cautiously getting back into the seasonal fun.

    Hasn't your school been closed because of the snow? Or hasn't it been that heavy where you live?

  2. I love the Party Hearty polish. :)
    I am starting to feel slightly Christmassy. It's December, I put up some Christmas lights and there is snow outside maybe I should sit with a santa hat on! :P If only approaching assignment deadlines weren't ruining my fun. :)

  3. Your manicure is very Xmassy! ^^

    And I'm more of the umm it's a public holiday, I don't have to work.

    Most of my Xmases were in Singapore (tropical) or Australia (summer).

    So I guess all that "White Christmassy" stuff never hit me.

  4. It's so festive - love it! I'm on the hunt for a green polish and I think BB Couture Poison Ivy could be the one!