Monday, 20 December 2010

Illamasqua Prism

Hubris. I plead guilty.
Purchased some nail guides to do some neat tips and so forth. 

Deez Nailz

She does it all the time! She's brilliant. She does great tutorials. This has to be easy. Has to be.

How the not-so-mighty are fallen........

Where did I go wrong?
A hubris as above stated
B did it in the semi-dark/dark
C didn't really look at it
D probably didn't check the guides had adhered properly
E in a bit of a rush to get it done

Oh, well. I have 157 more opportunities to do it (much) better. IRL it's not so ghastly. Suppose I can slap some glitter over it to fudge the dodgy edges.



  1. This is great for a first try - I think you are too hard on youself!

    I wait till by base colour is totally dry, sometimes I wear the base colour for the day, then do the fun nail art. It is true that you have to press down on the nail guides, and use light coats so there is no 'pooling' where the tip guide and polish meet up. When I first tried this I used waaaaaay to thick amount of nail polish , so now I try and do thin coats.

    you can always add a line of a dense glitter nail polish along the line where the two polish's meet up if you think it is not crisp enough.

    this is a nice colour combo - and I think you did a good job.

  2. Well done! It is better than my first attempt! I love the colour combo. :) I don't think it is a bad first attempt! You just have to watch out for the pooling around the join.