Saturday, 18 December 2010

Nox Twilight Sugar Plum

Lots of pix a-coming your way.

1 and 2 because I just love this polish. 3 coats. Didn't clean up the ring nail properly from previous mani hence the embedded speck of something.

Pix 3 - 5 to show the bottle. Look, this isn't easy to find in the UK so that's why I'm all over this like a rash. See how the print is legible even on the back of the bottle? Now, that is quality. And the crest. It's not cheap'n'nasty either. It's good quality again.

I have more Nox to show you tomorrow. This particular polish has entered the charts at....well, pretty high up.

I know nothing of Twilight btw. I read Bram Stoker when I was a teenager so there's nowhere to go after that, vampirically speaking. 

Customary question.
Where do you stand on vampires (if you get my drift)?

A Confirmed Stoker-ite
B Twilight is da business
C *yawn*
D Don't joke about it. This could get seriously spooky.



  1. waaaaaaa the blue reflects in this pink, to die for!!! love it xx
    the back of the bottle is sensational too xx

  2. Oh wow, this is gorgeous! Where did you find it in the UK? I look forward to seeing more Nox. :)
    As for vampires, I actively avoid twilight, but I grew up with cheesy horror films such as Fright Night, which I loved! There's a remake being made of it now, but I'm not sure if it will be very good.

  3. Where do you stand on vampires? *yawn*
    well i didnt mind vampires before this twilight business but i'd still buy this polish!!

  4. Look Fantastic. That's the website.

  5. Wow, great color! Looks so nice on you :)

  6. Why did I not buy this one? Because I didn't know about that purple flash, that's why.