Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The Edge Egyptian Gold

Really bright and yellow. Love this and it's a lot brighter and a little warmer IRL.

3 easy coats. Not bad for £2.34.

Got another gold for you tomorrow but quite, quite different.

Gold or silver? Which suits you better? Both in nail and jewellery terms.

If you're talking Egyptian Gold then there's only one way to go!



  1. I'm silver for sure. Not that I don't wear gold, of course, because pretty things are pretty even if they don't suit me 100%.

  2. That a pretty gold, I wish I could wear it! I love the look of gold, but if I put it on my nails I look like I have banana hands! I think silver suits me better.

  3. I am silver for jewellery but gold is very cheery for nails.

  4. I don't think gold suits me very well but I wear it anyway, and I think this one is super sparkly pretty! And yes, I am OK and will be doing a post here as soon as is reasonably possible! =)

  5. Thanks, people.
    AP: MIA again!