Thursday, 23 December 2010

Urban Decay Twisted

This is always described as gold.

It is gold but also olive and duochrome and a lot of other things too. Like all Urban Decay it is beautiful and I shall add my voice to the bitter lament of the nailiverse: Why oh why did you discontinue these polishes, you fools, you simpletons!

I have a few but I mean to get them all one day. Thanks, ebay! These and the Revlon StreetWear.

What discontinued ranges do you yearn for?



  1. same! I have a small UD collection (prob about 12) and a slightly larger StreetWear (20ish). Unfortunately they are much more difficult to get here but I live in hope

  2. You have more than I do. I must try harder. Those brands did some magnificent polishes.

  3. Urban Decay had such lovely polishes. I only have Bruise still, the rest went missing during a house move :(
    I didn't have this colour, but it is really pretty

  4. Also, I tagged you in a post :)