Thursday, 30 December 2010

BB Couture Joker

Spellbound was fabulous. Joker goes beyond superlatives. Behold.

3 coats.
And 2 more pix for no particular reason.

We are way beyond the cat's night-attire or the dog's appendages. This is Polish Paradise!

The font they used for Joker is my all-time fave font too. Does anybody have any idea why it differs from the font BB use otherwise? Is there some special significance to it? I know it must have a proper name but I shall call it Mediaeval Magic.

Do you have a favourite font? I use Tahoma a lot because it's plain and neutral rather than because I like it much. I like Lucida and I hate Times New Roman. For teaching the many Sassoon fonts are popular.



  1. Joker is awesome, I love the hidden shimmer! Gorgeous!

  2. Such a gorgeous colour! It looks lovely on you :)

    I dislike Times New Roman too, I'm not sure why. I quite like Calibri, it's a friendly font.

  3. Love this, I haven't worn a good blue nail for ages!

    I quite like Verdana. Have to do everything in Arial 12 point at work - which just offends my eyes.

  4. ooh this is really pretty! im not crazy about blues but i would wear this! ps, just found your blog and i love (=

  5. Thanks to all! I think it's purple - just shows how 'off' my eyesight is. And welcome to cathryn!