Monday, 27 December 2010

Lil' Bling Diamonds and Pearls

Why the apostrophe there? Makes no sense to me.

You can see how slack I have become by the picture below. If ever a polish needed 27 coats then it's this one. But I thought a coat of Fairy Dust would disguise the imperfections and general pathetic-ness. As so often I was mistaken.

I kinda like it all the same. I'd call it 'bridal' if you happen to be that way inclined. My two marriage ceremonies (can't call them weddings) were notable for their lack of ostentation and general austerity so my kind of 'bridal' leans more to the clean pair of tights and wash yer face than white lace and tiaras. But still.

Not as if I wasn't warned. I buy most of my stuff online but I always always always google it first (half the fun) so I knew this was going to show up every ridge and be a bit of a pain so what did I expect? It was streaky and patchy and thin but it comes close to the white (but not opaque flat white) that I was seeking.

How much research do you put into your polish-purchases?



  1. I quite like it, it is a pretty pearly white, bridal is a really good description of it.
    I buy a lot of stuff online too, but normally after I've seen swatches of it. I don't research pasts looking at the odd picture, but I probably should. I've got some hideous online buys hidden in a box somewhere! :)

  2. Lil' Bling? Huh, haven't heard of that one before I don't think.

    I mostly just look at swatches online, not much that could be call real research, and do still buy quite a bit at retail stores where I can hold the bottle in my hand before I take it home.

  3. I would buy in shops but there is so little about in my town.