Friday, 10 December 2010

Clarks Block Party

The exercise of Platonic syllogistic reasoning.

Proposition A Many women love nail polish.
Proposition B All women wear shoes.

Therefore all women who love nail polish also love shoes.

The story begins.
Bear with.
Went to town for hair dye (cosmic blue). Looked in at Clarks. Seductive 50% sale. Had to have these. They have my favourite heel-shape ever. The Louis heel. Looked online and they are also available in aubergine, plum and some other colour suede. Sold.

Awkward angles as I twisted my foot rather than get a mirror. 
Forgive the stripy tights. I like them. What can I say.

These are the feet of Mme Pompadour. Painted in 1756 by Boucher. Do you believe these shoes? Now that is the genuine article. The Louis heel in all its original glory.

What is your shoe must-have? I also love platforms and wedges and buckles.



  1. ooooo gorgeous!! I am a shoe-aholic..have my own shoe wardrobe!! lol

    I love platform heels - 5inch, 7 inch...the bigger the better!!

    And massive wedges..oooo hope santa brings me some :)

  2. Those are cute shoes and I love the tights :)


  3. Thanks to all. I had some great platforms by Swear. Sadly they are no longer in business......

  4. Those are great shoes, I love the heel and the buckles! I live in sparkly Babycham trainers, but for looks I love platform heels like those from Tuk. I have a few pairs, I can walk in them...just not far! :)

  5. aubergine! oh yes! been looking for aubergine myself. love the stylish heel. as for me i just bought some rude wellies that i plan on wearing to washington to see my mamma. oh and the runners...they will be a decorative display on top of the massage tables when one enters for their treatment. i just finished them. yipee kayay! hugs.