Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Models Own Green Flash

One of a bunch of foils I got. Some kind of sale price.

The teensiest weensiest bit brush-strokey. Hence the addition of CG Fairy Dust on nails 2, 3 and 4. Also you do have to load the brush a bit to avoid bald spots and dragging. Quite a nice colour and can easily be tarted up with (for example) Party Hearty.

In some lights it seems to suit me and in others it gives me lobster-claws. Overall I intend it to be a stayer as I don't fancy scrubbing it off any time soon.

Oo, I am expecting a haul. A secret haul! A brand I haven't had before. I am foolishly excited by this.

The clue is: 'Stage direction - someone can be heard at the door....'

Possibly too cryptic or indeed entirely incomprehensible.


  1. Oooh, nice; the Fairy Dust is a great addition.

  2. I love these dusty greens and fairy dust is just superb on top!

    yes, I am foolishly unaware of what you are referring to when you say 'Stage direction - someone can be heard at the door....' but I am still excited for said haul

  3. Thanks, AP! You OK? Long time no blog.

  4. anyhting paired with fairy dust will always look great.:D

  5. Very cryptic - can't wait to see it/them though!

  6. Oh this looks nice! I have it, but I wasn't sure about it. I think I will definitely give it a try now. It looks great with fairy dust on top. :)