Thursday, 9 December 2010

Misa Ghetto Fabulous

I always knew it wasn't going to work (ie be flattering) so it's no surprise it's so darned ugly. But you have to love its sheer ebullience.

There's a CND Effect over 2 of the fingers which softens it a bit and I'm not sure I shouldn't have left it as it was. I think I really needed out'n'out blingification. Live and learn, dontcha know.

Already thinking of the next mani. Reorganised my pots by colour. Possibly purple? Gamble on green?



  1. Wow - it's certainly bling! I don't think it would work with my skintone either. I'm thinking of sorting mine by colour too - better for dupes, a job for the New Year I think tho!

  2. Ooo I kinda like it..golds are always tricky..I have one that works-ish on me! But its a funny sort of line... too yellow or too bronzed!

    It would craze me having mine by colour..but thats the OCD speaking!! lol got to have the similar bottles together!


  3. Hey, I mostly just throw them in the boxes. I haven't even tried to organise them before. I just don't care!

  4. I actually love it! Sadly, I don't own many golds but I keep seeing stunning ones, so I hope to soon!

  5. Wow, very gold! I like it though, gold is so tricky.
    Good for you organising! I attempt it occasionally, but one rummage to pick a colour and I ruin it :)

  6. I like it! I would have to add some black konad on top of it thou :P xo