Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Models Own Champagne

Feeling in a 'gold' mood. Ironic as Champagne isn't exactly gold.

The ring nail has a layer of CND something for which I paid relatively dearly as I had no CND and wanted to rectify the omission.  It's quite nice under artificial light at night. That's as gushing as I'm going to get about it. The Models Own is a very good foil. 2 coats. Make sure you load the brush though or it's Streak City.

Tomorrow something positively ugly. Today is good. There is no bad. Unless tomorrow's effort can combine bad AND ugly. And it just may.

Awaiting 2 hauls. A BB Couture since I can never refuse a BB offer. 5 for the price of 3 to UK customers. And more Models Own. Bought a cracking (well, they look it in the photos) pair of boots on ebay.

Got to do some serious Christmas shopping in the next 2 days. Cash for the kids. They're always skint. Goodies for the OH. Fair Trade jewellery for colleagues. Warm trousers for my little grandson.

What kind of Christmas shopper/giver are you?
A smug did it in February really really cheaply
B lavish - flashy, expensive, ostentatious
C anxious - they will love this brooch, won't they - maybe they won't - but what do YOU think? - this one or maybe the other one? - oh, I'm not sure now
D make personalised crafty gifts from recycled ribbon and tin cans
E hey, that's what Christmas Eve is for - present-buying - chillax
F as E only with panic and hysteria



  1. I'd like to know the name of the CND if you care to share--artificial light is my natural habitat this time of year.

  2. CND Gold Sparkling. I bet you have it, Karen!

  3. I love this colour, it's the only gold I can wear without looking a bit banana hands. :) Your nails looks so neat!
    As for christmas shopping, I'll start soon, maybe. :P

  4. Thanks, Gem. I cut my nails. They were bugging me. I've done some shopping today. Hurrah!

  5. Nope, no Gold Sparkling here. CND doesn't seem to put their polishes in my path the way other companies do so I have very few of them.