Friday, 17 December 2010

Er, spam...

Weird, innit? How the same camera at the same time produces such different shots!

Additional polishes are CG Party Hearty (like you couldn't guess!) and CG Fairy Dust with The Edge London. Foils are just so eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeasy. When you have no time to do daily polish changes.

Plus to change your polish every day for a year means £4 x 365 approx. So let's say (conservatively) £1400. But we know it's way over that. So better to reuse, reduce, recycle.

Depends how much you want to spend. Let's see.

A season ticket at Chelsea may cost £900 (can cost less though - or more).
A week in Mauritius £1380.
Chanel J12 white ceramic watch £2325 (mine was actually more).
Dolce and Gabbana lace and wool coat £1799.

So. You have £1400 to spend. $2200.
What would you buy?



  1. Fairy Dust and taupe I like; I am not sure about The Edge London yet. Which is fine, since it's not likely to jump into my basket at any store I frequent.

    A watch that pricey frightens me; I can still remember the panic when I thought I'd left my wedding ring in a campground bathroom.

    I'd spend the money on travel, most likely. There is always somewhere I want to go.

  2. My watch was a gift so I shouldn't have included that.

  3. The fairy dust looks lovely.
    Don't let me access my entire make-up spending across the year, I'm sure it will be horrifying!
    I think I'd spend the money on lots of little things still. I's fret about carrying a watch or coat around that was that expensive. Although it would be nice :)