Thursday, 16 December 2010

Boots 17 Fast Finish in Tigers Eye

No apostrophe on the label. Tut.

And a very discreet layer of The Edge London on the index finger.

I really like this. 2 coats of what is colloquially known as gloop. But it's a quick-dry number and they do tend to be like that. Not that I ever trust that claim. I still don't use my hands for anything except typing for the next 2 hours. No matter what the optimistic statement on the label.

Only a titchy little 8ml bottle which makes it more expensive than you'd think but I had seen a couple of polishes and ordered online from Boots (spending £7) with free collection from the shop. They did not please me though when I removed them from the traditionally too-big box so I exchanged them for this and a small companion called Lunar Haze by Natural Collection.

I forgot how much I love taupe. I'd rather call it mocha or something. Ironic as I only drink espresso and loathe any coffee with milk in it.



  1. Nice one, personally I can't get enough of taupe/mocha etc. Classy & flattering. Oh and you're right about Boots packaging - way too big boxes...

  2. I think the top coat on your index helps make this polish.

  3. It's a great little polish - The Edge London.

  4. I love these taupe/coffee colours. The accent finger really suits the colour too. :)
    I like your falling snowflakes on your blog! :D

  5. such a pretty colour i have this colour in my collection but i havent worn it yet x