Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Accessorize Bronze

14 blessed photos I took of this and not a single one that came anywhere near colour accurate.
It shows bronze/gold/brown/sulphur and emphatically NOT what I see in the photos.
So why post 'em?

You can begin to see hints of bronzitude in the next pic.

Well, I'm not sure my eyesight is entirely trustworthy. I think I'm going the way of low-level cataracts and I know that affects colour vision. So maybe I'm wrong and the camera is right.
Of course there's a whole existentialist debate revolving around how we see the world and how the world actually is. If indeed it can ever be said to have its own discrete existence except insofar as we perceive it.

I am duty-bound (true Brit) to mention the weather and the royal wedding.

  • Weather - shocking. I'm not walking the dogs in this. They'll have to wait until tomorrow. Long-haired dogs get so wet and then they have to stay in the kitchen for hours on end and are miserable.
  • Royal weddings. I'd be a republican (not a capital R American kind of Republican btw) if I didn't think we'd end up with an odious president such as Blair or a joke president such as Christopher Biggins. So the royal wedding leaves me cold.


  1. Well, whatever colour it's supposed to be it's rather nice. I like it.
    It's appalling outside, I'm hoping it'll dry ip for blog photos later as I'm not in the mood for tidying a space.
    Bring on the revolution. xxx

  2. It's looks nice, but I can't even start to describe what colour it is. The Accessorize polishes are lovely, I definitely need to get some more. :)
    To join in with your Britishness, the weather is horrible! It's wet and grey, add some fog and the stereotype of English weather will be right!

  3. Looks good, even if you're not sure it's colour accurate! I can never photograph metallics properly, my camera can't handle them. Still haven't found any accessorize makeup near me! x

  4. Looks good, although the duochrome does seem to have gone walkabout! I did mine a few days later I think and managed to get some sunshine on it.