Friday, 19 November 2010

Barielle Elle's Spell - a day's wear

What a rubbish day! I usually love my work (teacher) but today was bl00dy awful. Plus my mobile does not appear to be making or receiving calls plus plus plus.....On the good side daughter 2 rang to say she is OK after I read on her facebook that she had had lots of pills from the doctor! Kids, eh?

Oh, yes. Nail polish. I really like this one. End of.

AND I hate Children in Need and Comic Relief and all that forced jollity alternating with dreary violins. You have to be in the UK to know what I'm on about. And I wish I could exchange places if you're somewhere else.

Not that I'm curmudgeonly or anything. Much.

Are you ranting and raving or rested and relaxed?


  1. Sorry about the crap day. This polish is really nice, though; I am hoping I'll see it over here at some point.

  2. At least it is the weekend now and you can relax a bit! :)
    I love this polish, it's very pretty and lovely for christmas.

  3. Kids & dog weekend for us, so no relaxing. Happened to catch 30mins of CiN which was Take That with lots of screaming women, Eh?!