Sunday, 21 November 2010

Eyeko Military

I've wanted this for a while. Don't know why I waited so long.

Yes, it does look somewhat black after 2 coats, I have to admit. But this is under halogen and there's no natural light. It's more like bottle-colour in decent daylight (so I'll be waiting until May then, won't I, at this rate...).

With GOSH Rainbow as accent nail. I haven't painted them properly so the ring finger looks deformed. Never mind. Worse things. Sea. That kind of thing.

I'm in a right mood at the moment. Perhaps it's the weather. Can't blame hormones any more! I don't have any. Probably.

What (Northern hemisphere) food comforts you in these dark and dreary months? You can't beat fish'n'chips IMHO.



  1. awwww you has given me a hankering for fish and chips with irish coffee

  2. Not sure about the coffee. Oh, dammit. Why not?

  3. Jenni, you are hilarious. LOL! I like how looks on your index finger. Hmm! fish and chips sounds pretty good about now :)

  4. Rainbow and Hidden Treasure and Nubar 2010 are all polish-rescue treatments.

  5. Gorgeous! I really love it.
    Does rum and coke count as food? xxx

  6. You had me at fish & chips! Oh, military looks nice too :)

  7. Rum and coke! *snort* Oh, I kinda see a double meaning there....

  8. Looks great and rainbow looks great over the military green. :)
    When I lived by the sea I ate so much fish and chips, lovely food for cold weather!

  9. Love the Rainbow topper on this!

    I am comforted by so many foods, but my mom's chicken & dumplings recipe is wonderful for cold weather. The only bad part is now I'm a grown up and expected to make my own.