Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Bourjois Bleu Violet

It is actually a genuine blue. Very cool-toned. It's looking blurple but I couldn't catch it accurately.
Suffice it to say this is my favourite blue ever. I'm not much of a one for blues in clothing or anything else but I do love this inordinately.

The China Glaze Fairy Dust on the index finger started out as accent nail. Then I noticed a big smudgeroony on the ring finger so had to douse that in Fairy Dust too. So it's not so much accented nails as naff nails.

Bourjois. Now then, now then.
  1. Very good quality. Long-lasting. Highly pigmented.
  2. The So Laque range does deliver 'ultra shine' as promised.
  3. The colour range is mostly as lame as a 3-legged nag. Do you believe there is not a GREEN Bourjois polish in existence in the whole of the company history? How can this be so!   

It's actually sunny! Hurrah. Do you like a bit of sunshine? Or are you going to be depressed until May? Those of you who are making forays into foreign and sunnier climes may gloat at this point. I do actually love the winter - as long as it's DRY.



  1. Yay! I've got that one. It never fails to get the grannies commenting when I've got it on my toenails down at the swimming baths.
    Can't believe that they've never done a green polish, their Vert Noir eyeshadow is the best green eyeshadow known to man. xxx
    PS I'm gloating!

  2. I could have sworn I commented on this blurple for the camera only lovely but apparently that was inside my head only. At any rate, it's lovely and I like the layering.

  3. Nice color, and twice as nice with fairy dust.

  4. Fairy Dust is 'da bomb'. Whatever that actually means....

  5. Lovely! Fairy dust looks great over it, very starry night! :)