Thursday, 11 November 2010

Accessorize Purple Dream

Also the purple curse has been visited upon me. Can't get an accurate shot of this. It's fabolicious!

From the Illusion range with a coat of Merry Midnight on the middle finger. Think it's 3 coats.
Definitely one of those 'Were you saying something important, darling? I must have missed it as I was looking at my nails.' It is both purple and blue depending upon the available light and has the finest blue glitter. Looks as if it might be a bit like one of the Orly FX.

I love the Accessorize polishes and I think they're still free P&P at the moment.
I must resist though as I have 6 BB Couture on order and 4 Barielle.

Plus car mats and mudguards for my new car. I am so enamoured of my new vehicle I may have to post a pic. Feel free to ignore it. I know you will.

What is making you smile this autumn day?



  1. I bought this one the other day, but haven't had chance to try it yet. I'm looking forward to it now, it's lovely! :)
    I love autumn,the autumn weather makes me want to sleep longer, I was so comfy in bed. Alas, I now to need to brave the wind outside. At least I don't need to spend time doing my hair, as soon as I go outside I'll be sporting a Kate Bush hairdo anyway! :P

  2. This is way better than my pic, Gemx.
    My hair is just squashed. I have too little to be Bush-ed.

  3. More beautiful purple.
    What's making me smile? There's a massive box in the lounge that I'm not allowed to look at and it's nearly my birthday. xxx