Monday, 8 November 2010

Nails Inc Kingly Street

You see a Nails Inc you like and I can GUARANTEE you they have withdrawn it from sale. Crazy company! I think I've only even seen this on sale once. It's probably out there under a host of different names. They seem to do that. You'll see a polish under a new name that uncannily resembles something you thought you recognised as something else.

2 coats. Could have used a 3rd. Rather glittery without containing glitter as such. Or such fine glitter that it doesn't quite become a bona fide glitter polish.

Kim at Overall Beauty (have to google it, people, as my links aren't working) has got a BB Couture offer until the 10th. I am trying to resist. Every day is going to be the day I call a halt to my buying. Every day (well, too many days) proves to be the occasion for a lapse from grace. Oh, dear....



  1. this one is spectacular! such a fine glitter!

  2. Very mermaid-like and so pretty.
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