Sunday, 14 November 2010

Missguided Missbehave

Weird one.
Sorta more grey/blue tones IRL.
Very shiny.

Their publicity says it's candyfloss (*retches*) pink and that's fair enough.
3 coats and I've got my classic ring-finger ridges problem that is hideously exposed by a creme polish.
Oh, fluff.
It doesn't look that old lady because the other hand is the cherry-pink. That's how I wear more trad colours - by contrasting the 2 hands. Life's too short and polish is too diverse to have 10 digits the same. A waste of fingers.

Which of these would you NOT do?
1 skittles
2 Konad
3 black nails
4 nail art
5 different shades on each hand
6 different shades on each finger (I suppose that's skittles..)
7 accent nail

I have never done Konad because I have all the dexterity of a drunken elephant in boxing gloves.



  1. different shades on each hand..that wud be weird!! lol

    I got a load of fake plates..its so hard honestly LOL I was hopeless!! I may get them out for a play today now you reminded me!!

  2. I'm happy to have different shades, accents nails etc, I like it, makes it a bit different. I haven't touched Konad for the same reason as you, but I couldn't put it better than a "drunken elephant in boxing gloves", it made me laugh! :D

  3. Dunno what Konad or Skittles are. I hate Nail Art, unless someone can convince me otherwise it's just chavvy.
    That pink is very Barbie. xxx

  4. Of that list, the only one I haven't done intentionally is different shades on each hand, though I have sported that look when a swatching session got interrupted. I should plan for it one day.

  5. all except Konad. It just all seems a bit too much (and I'll prob. be crap at it)