Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Missguided Splash MissFit - free with Cosmo


Got this with the magazine - I am so not of the Cosmo demographic but the polish is GRRRRRRRRRRRREAT!

They only do 6 polishes but, if this is the typical standard, they promise to be fab.

This was 2 coats but 1 would be fine. I just wasn't expecting it to be so good so I wasn't careful enough first time so I had to do it properly the 2nd time. ONE COAT. I kid you not. It claims it's black with whatever bits. But it has a very brown/olive character to it. My nails look good. I am content.

This has impressed me so much I have used the COSMO20 code to buy all 6 polishes for a bit under £20 including P&P. The code gives you 20% discount. The quality of this is superb. The remaining 5 colours are not cutting edge chic (unless reds and pinks are the new mints, nudes and greiges and what do I know?) but I want to encourage this brand to stretch its wings. They do 2 themes - Love and Peace. Loving the bottle shape.

Enough with the gushing.

Blogger is playing me up something rotten today. Bullet points won't work. Cursor won't go where I want it. Enter key isn't taking me down....Or it takes me back to the start of the line. What's afoot?

So frustrating.









  1. this looks like a darker my blackened version of CGs ingrid...which i have on my nails right now. lol

  2. I have Ingrid. Haven't tried it yet but this is definitely darker.

    Probably more like (but I don't have it) CG Wagon Trail.

  3. Loving the CND symbol, is it chanelling Moschino?
    There's some great freebies on the mags at the mo, I hate the things but if the pressies good I'll just donate the vile rag to the doctor's surgery. xxx

  4. Moschino? I have no idea.
    Cosmo. I don't know who'd want it tbh. It's absolute cr@p.

  5. Polish and bottle both look great!

  6. I have high hopes of this brand.